Telluride in the

Film Festival Galaxy





Chapter 1

A Festival is Born: Telluride 1974 


 Opening Night


9pm.  The stage is set, projectors ready.  The organist who travelled to Telluride, Colorado, for this evening--Friday, 30 August 1974--sits waiting at his instrument.  The vintage Sheridan Opera House, with 232 fixed seats, overflows with 260 audience members.  They have been lured by the promise of being with one of America's greatest and most legendary movie stars.  Let to the stage by a teenage volunteer, Gloria Swanson, now 75, searing a red chiffon dress and a sequined cap, makes an impressive entrance to thunderous applause.  The lights dim, silent 35mm pictures clicker on the screen, live organ music starts, and, from her stage box, Swanson beings narrating her career in silent films...


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How did the Telluride Film Festival Begin?



What are the similarities and differences of the different film festivals?



What place do film festivals hold in the cinema world?



Recycled Stars