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...Lumet has always been an independent director.  When he told Don Shewey in 1982  that he liked to make films about "men who summon courage to challenge the system," about the "little guy against the system," he related this theme to himself.  In fact, he is not a tall man, although he is not referring to height when he says "little guy," and he always prefers to work in New York, shunning the dominance of Hollywood.  Like Woody Allen, he defines himself as a New Yorker: "I always like being in Woody Allen's world," the world of his movies and not only New York. Lumet grew up in the City and can't imagine living anywhere else.  Hollywood, he says, wears people down, while the diversity of the City, its many ethnic neighborhoods, its art and crime, its sophistication and its corruption, its beauty and its ugliness, all feed into what inspires him.


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