Lynn A. Higgins




Lynn A. Higgins is the Edward Tuck Professor of French Studies. She graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in French Literature and earned her Ph.D. in French from the University of Minnesota. She came to Dartmouth College in 1976. Among other duties, she served 11 years as chair of the department of French & Italian and more recently (2011-2016) as Associate Dean of the Faculty for Interdisciplinary Programs and International Studies. Her research is focused on cinema and literature, particularly since the Second World War. She has focused on the memory of World War II, the Occupation, and the Algerian war of independence in films and novels. Her book , won a Choice Outstanding Book Award and was selected by the Modern Language Association for its Scaglione Prize in French and Francophone Studies. She also co-edited (Columbia University Press, 1991, 1993). Recent publications include a book on filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier (2011, paperback 2015) and a co-edited volume of interviews with Tavernier (2016). Her current research examines the formation of the French film canon and re-assesses the place of the New Wave in French cinema history. She is also working on a book on adaptation.


Areas of Expertise:


20th-century French cultural studies / prose fiction / French cinema / women filmmakers / feminist criticism and theory / fiction and the history/politics of memory


Selected Publications:


(Manchester U. Press, U.K.; U.S. distributor Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).


“Irène Némirovsky’s David Golder from Novel to Film and Back,” , 2012.

“Lieu de mémoire et géographie imaginaire dans ,” , (2005) 397-405.


“Documentary in an age of Terror,” , 22:2 (2005) 20-38.


Recycled Stars