Bertrand Tavernier





Tavernier and the 'merveilleux lyonnais'


'Un film est comme un repas.'

Bertrand Tavernier


“Bertrand Tavernier’s substantial —twenty-[two] feature films, six documentaries, and several shorts since 1974—could hardly be more varied. The filmmaker seeks to challenge himself in different ways with each film, refusing to be pigeonholed: ‘I need every new project to be the opposite of whatever preceded it, and yet to draw on what preceded it too,’ he explains. ‘I always want to head off in a new direction.’ Among the protagonists he brings to life in his fiction films can be found a nineteenth-century serial killer, a colonial sheriff in a West African village, a jazz saxophonist, an impressionist painter, a filmmaker, a couple seeking to adopt a child in Cambodia, a schoolteacher undergoing an identity crisis, several soldiers from the First World War, a medieval knight, the Regent Philippe d’Orléans, a Lyonnais clockmaker, and the imaginary daughter of d’Artagnan.”


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